What ELSI is New?

What ELSI is new (article)On Monday the Genomics Law Report will debut a series of guest commentaries by industry, academic and thought leaders in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine. The series is modeled on the Nature Genetics 2007 Question of the Year (“What would you do if it became possible to sequence the equivalent of a full human genome for only $1,000?”) with a slight modification.

Entitled What ELSI is New?, the series will feature commentators responding to the following question: “What do you believe is the most important ethical, legal or social issue (ELSI) that must be addressed by the fields of genomics and/or personalized medicine?” The purpose of the series is to identify a wide range of ethical, legal and social issues that must be addressed to fully realize the promise of genomics and personalized medicine.

As the series gets under way we encourage you to share your own thoughts about the future of genomics and personalized medicine, in the comments to both this post and the individual guest commentaries.

Finally, don’t forget that if there’s a topic that you’d like to see covered by the Genomics Law Report, you can always let us know right here. Thanks for reading!

The GLR looks forward to presenting contributions from the following leaders in the What ELSI is New? series:

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