Past, Present and Future of Genomes, Environments and Traits: 140 Characters at a Time

The first annual Genomes, Environments, Traits (GET) Conference took place yesterday. The GET Conference was an incredible success, with panels, breakout sessions and presentations from all manner of genomic pioneers and futurists, as well as a tremendous audience, both in person and online. In the next few days I’ll share a few thoughts about what we learned at the 2010 GET Conference, as well as what we might expect by the time the 2011 event rolls around. There will also be video from portions of the GET Conference available soon.

In the meantime, if you missed the conference, there was plenty of live Twitter coverage. Everything I tweeted from @genomicslawyer can be found below, and there’s much more at the #GET2010 twitter notebook. Thank you to all those who helped cover the conference online, including GET Conference pioneers (Rosalynn Gill, Misha Angrist), moderators (Carl Zimmer, David Dobbs, Dana Waring Bateman), journalists (Edward Winstead, Emily Singer, Kevin Davies, Aaron Rowe), sponsors (Priscilla Oppenheimer), exome sequence winners (Jonathan Eisen) and many, many more.

Now for Genomes, Environments and Traits in 140 character snips:

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